MS Business Law Firm was established in 2007 on the basis of Garant Law Company, which has provided legal services since 1990 to business entities regardless of ownership and scale of activities, covering the spectrum from small-sized private companies to government monopolies and strategic enterprises.

Following the development of the Ukrainian economic system and business environment, our firm’s lawyers, working within their extensive professional backgrounds of business law, gradually shifted their focus towards small scale enterprises and entrepreneurs. It was this specialization in small and medium business that created the basis for the establishment of MS Business Law Firm. The firm collaborates extensively with members of small- and medium-sized businesses, and focuses on providing exceptional legal support and juridical protection to them.

The outstanding reputation of the firm is maintained and supported by the professionalism of our experts. The legal counsels’ expertise in law, economics and finance, as well as years of experience in different sectors of the economy provides professional, systematic and progressive approaches when making decisions.

MS Business Law Firm also ensures the exclusivity of its services and individual approach to clients, which is achieved by maintaining a balance between the number of partners and associates. Each partner in our firm has within one or two associates. Abiding to the aforementioned ratios enables us to guarantee a reliable operation and to maintain a high level of quality in our work.

Working with clients is based mainly on a long-term cooperation, regardless of whether clients ask for services on a regular basis or periodically. By virtue of long-term cooperation, knowledge in the specifics of each client ensures promptness in performing tasks.

Withal, the firm sets a reasonable rate for its services through the adoption of tariffs. Cost of services in each case is discussed with the client in advance.

Adhering to its working principles, based in professional specialization, individual approach and long-term business cooperation with clients, MC Business Law Firm maintains the tradition of a legal boutique and aims to provide clients with professional and reliable services at the level of international practices.