MS Business Law Firm is an independent legal group located in Kiev. We specialize in the legal support and protection of medium and small businesses.

The firm offers a full range of legal services to Ukrainian and foreign enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs, within the group’s extensive expertise. We provide consultancy in the field of business law, specializing in corporate, commercial, competition, tax, financial, labor, property rights and intellectual property rights law. MS Business Law Firm also provides consultancy on how to start and run businesses. Our services include development of commercial, financial, and logistics policies, security and property protection policies, advertisement and promotion strategies, conclusion and fulfillment of contracts policies, representation to business partners, public authorities and in court. The legal team also provides support in the field of international law and foreign trade, the establishment of partnerships in the process of entering foreign markets, advices on legislation and business customs of foreign jurisdictions, and ensuring protection in international arbitration.

Our legal counsels are additionally qualified in the fields of economics and finance. Twofold specialization and years of experience in various industries have enabled us to build innovative, cost-effective solutions that provide the basis to our outstanding reputation in the industry.

As a highly specialized firm, MS Business Law Firm guarantees an individual approach to its clients and an exceptional quality of service.