MS Business Law Firm's clientele are small and medium-sized businesses (enterprises and private entrepreneurs) either operating in the market for a long time or just starting their activity.

Reflecting the current state of Ukraine's economy, the majority of the firm’s clients consist of commerce companies including retailers and wholesalers, distributors and e-commerce merchants that operate with consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, machinery and equipment, and goods for industrial and agricultural purposes. The firm's legal counsels actively cooperate with and support small-scale manufacturers and processors that produce output under their own brands or by order. The firm also represents entrepreneurs operating in HoReCa, "beauty industry", sports and tourism, advertising and design. Growth of the popularity of IT services, web design and hosting, in turn, are also reflected in the increase of the segment’s clients as well as with their activity. Among the firm’s clients there are also transport and logistics companies, real estate and rental operators, construction and renovation shops.

MS Business Law Firm specializes in representing clients involved in foreign economic activity. The clientele represented in this division are Ukrainian companies either already operating in international trade or planning to enter foreign markets. The firm also represents foreign entrepreneurs that have business relations to Ukraine, conduct business in Ukraine or consider territory of Ukraine for investment purposes.

When issues of a private nature arise, the firm's lawyers also provide legal services to individuals by request.